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If you are looking for great Labrador puppies in Olivet, Michigan, come to Superior Labradors – the top Labrador breeders in the area. Here at Superior Labradors, we have puppies of superior bloodlines and excellent health. We are AKC certified breeders and love our Labradors. So whether you want a yellow lab, chocolate lab, or black lab, you are sure to find a puppy that you will love, here at Superior Labradors.




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1728 W Butterfield Hwy

Olivet, Michigan 49076

Email: cwilkes2107@gmail.com
Tel:  (517) 662-2240


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Getting a dog is a big commitment, but it is also something that will be extremely rewarding. Labradors are a popular breed. The dogs are smart, they are known for the ability to learn instructions, and they are beautiful as well. If you live in Olivet, MI and are thinking about getting a Labrador puppy, the place to start is with Superior Labradors. We just might have your new best friend waiting to meet you. 

At Superior Labradors, we are different from other Labrador breeders. Everything that we do starts with love. We adore our dogs, and we take extremely good care of them. Our dogs are healthy, and they all come from strong bloodlines. Some Labrador breeders are only in it for the money, but that is not the case with Superior Labradors. We love labs, and we want you to end up with a dog that will truly become part of your family. 

If you would like to know what we are all about at Superior Labradors, you can start by browsing through our website today. There you will be able to learn about the dogs that we use to breed. You will see plenty of pictures of happy, healthy dogs. You will also be able to read the testimonies for some of our satisfied customers. If you live in Lansing, Haslett, or Olivet, MI, or if you are from one of the surrounding towns, visit our website or contact us. If you are looking for a Labrador puppy, we might have the perfect one for your situation. Labs make great pets, and if you bring one home, it will become a loyal part of your family. You will soon wonder how you were able to get along without your dog. He or she will enhance your life.



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